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From Design to Installation

Over the next month or two I will go into some detail on how a project evolves from design to installation. Each blog will cover a different stage. Some of the key stages in any project are as follows: So follow along as we go into more depth on these topics.

Design: This could be from a designer, builder, home owner, cabinet maker or me.

Estimating: Usually the first question asked by my clients!

Colour and Finish: Colour is endless as well as the finished look.

Sealer Choice: A wide range or sealers can make or break a project.

Templating: Measure twice and cut once.

Forming: Making the forms to hold the concrete.

Mix design: Will depend on the project.

Reinforcing: Fibre, mesh, scrim, ladder wire, re-bar….. what to use when.

Weighing out the mix: raw ingredients.

Spray or Pour: GFRC over traditional wet cast. When to use which method.

Curing process: Warm and wet wins the race.

Wet processing: Acid wash to exposed aggregates.

Slurry: filling in the void.

Sealer: Choices are endless, but some stand out for good reason.

Delivery day: transport and installation basics.

These are the topics to be covered in this summer’s blogs. I hope you come back often and leave a comment or ask a question. I may not give out all my secrets, but at least you will know what goes into a project going out my door across the Threshold.


John Farley

What We Do
March 2013

Concrete Counter-tops in Ottawa

Concrete is becoming a “household” word in the design circles. Just ask John Farley of Threshold Design: artisan, fabricator and installer of custom concrete counter-tops in Ottawa and the Valley. His concrete counter-top designs have become the catalyst of many a kitchen makeover and added the “WOW Factor” to all kinds of bathroom renovations. And no surprise in the frosty Ottawa region, concrete fireplace surrounds are a hot seller!

Your imagination cast in stoneOnce relegated to buildings and highways, concrete has become a widely (and wildly!) accepted medium in the world of interior design. And although it’s been more than a decade in Ottawa since concrete counter-tops first became a fashionable fixture in shops, restaurants and homes – new designs have made them more desirable than ever! With concrete, and a little imagination, almost any shape of counter can be formed. The spectrum of colours available for a concrete counter in John’s Pakenham Studio is virtually endless too. Using colour pigments combined with white portland cement and various aggregates such as recycled glass and stone, many special effects can be achieved. The result: a custom concrete counter that tops Ottawa’s A-list of inspired home elements. Today’s consumers are also searching for environmentally-friendly materials for their homes and businesses. Look no further than Threshold Design in Ottawa for eco-friendly concrete counter-tops and more concrete ideas that will make your space more beautiful… and make you feel good about your choice!

Intrigued? Take a closer look at John’s “works of art”.

How to Work With Us

To start the process you can either call or e-mail to get a quote. It is best to have a drawing, pictures or dimensions of what you are thinking about. After you have a quote it is always best to meet at the shop to look over an abundance of samples that are available. This will give you a better idea of what ‘can’ be done with concrete. Most people assume that gray is the only color it comes in, but color choice is endless. Also custom techniques, design, finish and application can make your concrete a one of a kind piece.

John in the shopAfter you have picked your color and finish, and your counters or the area where the concrete is going is ready, we have a home visit at your place and make a template of the area so that we achieve the best fit possible. From there it is back to the shop to form, pour and process your pieces. This may take between two to three weeks depending on the size of your project and what other projects are on the go at the time. Don’t wait till the last minute to contact us as work books up fast.

Once your project is complete, we will install your new concrete. All we ask is a clear path between the front door and its final destination. Once in place, a little caulking and the job is done!

Ready to get a quote? Submit this form or give us a call!